Glorious : Goodies


I love looking at all the new season shows & collections,it’s a great way to get excited about the colours styles & fabrics for the season ahead.

I have selected a few top designer pieces & look forward to Finding how the looks have

filtered through In stores & on line.


from high end, high street, Ebay & Designer discounted sights.

There are lots we want right at the beginning of the season, but somethings are worth waiting for ,finding a fabulous coat at a sample sale or a beautiful pair of boots,

is always amazing.




This is a wonderful time of year to get your hands on

All the goodies you have been lusting over, there are great sales on.

from my post above I had made a selection of goodies I think are worth investing in

Quality over quality is really important to me,

I would buy a few expensive item in the sales a season

& look for anything else I want at sample sales Ebay or designer nearly new Boutiques.

First up:High end

Matchesfashion:My sale selection

If you are willing to Waite lots on sale will go down to 50-60% i love being able to get a fabulous piece i could never buy full price & am happy to Waite a year or two (sample sales or eBay) and know i have something fabulous at a fraction of the price.

My mum would be very proud, well some times if i need something desperately even i can’t wait,I’m not a saint.

next up: high street

Zara:my sale selection

Mixing high end and high street is a great way to add elements of fun to your wardrobe, but no matter what you buy its important that you love it its not a bargain if you buy in the sale and never wear it,

Love it or leave it is my sale shopping motto.

Ebay: my selection & A Few tips

Over the years i have brought fabulous goodies on eBay, i always look for new & Will look at the sellers other items & at their feedback before I would even consider buying

I always have my eye on a few pieces so I’m not disappointed If i missed out on one.i stick to a price i have never got into a bidding war. I will always ask questions if I’m unsure of a colour,size or fabric.

I have managed to find fabulous bargains Over the years. its a amazing way to find designer pieces i would never have been able to buy full price.

You can always make an offer if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Being very focused is really important when shopping on eBay start small.

I now sell on eBay and use that money to buy new goodies i have also created a fantasy list a girls got to dream.

Being able to get a givenchy rare clutch for £499 when it would have been well over a £1000 is definitely worth having a eBay account for.

The prices above are starting bids but if you really want something on the more expensive side make a offer you never know.





Check out my eBay shop where you can find glorious goodies at a fraction of the price.

I have a selection on new and used items. 10% of sales on most goods will go to cancer research Uk

Fighting for the early detection of cancer and the treatments to save lives.

Treat yourself & help save lives.