Women’s Health And Beauty

Feel on the 1st

It’s very important that we don’t take our body’s for granted.

I know i have over the years. It has taken a breast cancer diagnosis to really appreciate how

Wonderful it is.

I have to admit nothing prepares you for the words you have cancer and over

The last two years life has been really tough. Hospital appointments, more tests Than i can remember & two brutal operations one to save my life the other to reconstruct my poorly boob.

The weeks leading up to my mastectomy i was a total reck i thought even though i had been told i

Would not die as it had been caught in time i would die in surgery.

Your are given choices to make on things you know nothing about

Do you want reconstruction right away what type do you want its a total mind field.

I had decided I didn’t want to wake up flat I loved my boobs and the thought of waking up with Just one was to much to bare. I decided to have an implant and surgery at a later date to make my other boob the same size.

It took at least a month before i was able to look at my new reconstructed boob and when i did i just cried it was nothing like a boob just a mass.

I decided i couldn’t live with this so spoke to my surgeon about other options

I decided i was going to have DEIP reconstruction where fat & tissue from my abdomen would

Be used & at a later date I would have phase 2 my other boob will be lifted and made smaller to

Make my girls look as similar as possible & i will have a nipple made.

This has been a tough time on my body but I have come though it and for that

I’m truly great full i have scars everywhere but i look at them as badges of honour

I’m still here my body has been through a really tough time & i now have to treat it with

Love and kindness.

I found my lump not because i was in the habit of doing it but because i had a pain in my back and found it by accident.

Pleases check your girls at leats once a month feeling on the 1st is just easy to remember

It could save your life.

Women’s health has become very important to me,

In October 2018 my world feel apart when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Early detection is so important for lives to be saved.

I am now a campaign ambassador for cancer research uk.the first campaign i took part in was the shoulder to shoulder campaign.

this is a campaign to get the government to work shoulder to shoulder with the NHS to employ more diagnostic staff so by 2028 75%
of cancers will be diagnosed at the early stage

which could save thousands of lives.

right now 1 in 10 NHS diagnostic posts are unfilled.

I’m going to work with as meany people & charitys I can to help raise awareness & much needed funds so more of us can survive this terrible disease.

1 in 8 women are now diagnosed with breast cancer. Please get to know your boobs by giving yourself a monthly check.

if you notice any changes no matter how small get checked out.

it could save your life

it saved mine.

Happy December 1st

make sure you take time to feel on the 1st, its the best self love you can offer yourself.

If you notice any differences no matter how small please contact your GP.

Early detection can save your life.

The last 2 year have been very tough. Nothing prepares you for the words


If i had not gone to my GP right away i may mot be here to tell my tale.

Being embarrassed or ashamed would be a really silly reason to loose your life,

But it its one of the reasons people don’t go,

That and being afraid. I know i was petrified when i found my lump.

But called my mum right away and my GP

It’s my mission to let you know how important it is we

Talk about breast cancer in women so we takeaway

The embarrassment and shame.

It’s something that can happen to anyone.

No matter age,gender or ethnicity.

So please give yourself the best Christmas gift

Check your health and check your boobs

And have a fabulous December.

What a year 2020 has been.

Roll on 2021.