I have always loved beautiful things

Beauty can be found in anything.

I want to create a space that makes me happy.

Anything from a book, art or fashion Can do that.

put a beautiful pair of shoes in front of me & you would never know I was unhappy 5 minutes beforehand.
I’m creating a little place of happiness for me and anyone else who Who wants to tag along.

With all that in mind I’m going to have fun looking at fashion,beauty,places, health & wellbeing.

There’s nothing more beautiful than sharing

What you love,with others.

Let’s start with fashion,

My first love,

If money were no object,I would do two main shops a year & do little fillers through out each season. One has to dream, and as I haven’t won the lottery

I can’t ask Chanel to close the boutique for  me as i would like everything.I get great pleasure in looking at fashion magazines for inspiration & compiling a wish list.

How do you compile your wardrobe for the season? Buy as you see what you or like? or compile a list and have a big shopping session?which is the best way to shop if you can.

running out & buying something for an occasion is where I have always made mistakes.

I have changed the way I shops over the years,

I love writing a list & having a good look online & In independent boutique’s then buying. Having worked in fashion I know what I like & am very picky.

budget also plays a big factor.

The one thing that never changes is my love of beauty.