About me


At 18 I got my first job in fashion & it became a true love affair.

Being surround by beautiful clothes & making clients Look & feel fabulous ,just gave me so much pleasure.

working at Harrods,precious London & being a personal stylist have really been a big part of my life,where I learned my trade & formed life long friendships.

But my love affair started way before i was 18 something I really didn’t realise until meany years later.


It’s a big part of who I am. When I was growing up my mum would make amazing outfits for my sisters & I over the years we have had meany laughs when we visit & get the pictures out. poor mum made three of everything it was the 70s wide leg trousers, maxi dresses & ponchos.She was amazing,it would be a family adventure we would pick the patterns and fabrics from the little haberdashery and Waite for mum to work her magic.

To this day I don’t know how she did it,worked full Time,made lots of our clothes & cooked from scratch.

Mum never had lots of money,but what she had she really made work.my sister and I were always well turned out and it has shaped my love of fashion & All things beautiful.

Glorious is a little place for me to share a little of what I love.

I hope you enjoy.